Estrildid Finches of the World [English Edition]

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  • A4 format.
  • 396 pages of high quality paper.
  • Bound with a rigid, protective laminated cover.
  • 1,052 full colour photographs.
  • 146 distribution maps showcasing the species and subspecies.

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  • The largest collection of estrildid finch mouth markings worldwide containing 111 unique photos, many never published before.
  • First book with all 145 species, described and showcased in photos taken in the wild.
  • Close to 300 participating photographers from 40 countries around the world.
  • Distribution maps of all species and subspecies.
  • First book with photos of the Alpine Mannikin Lonchura monticola.
  • Complete listing of parasitic whydahs and indigobirds vs. hosting estrildid finches.
  • Description and photos of a new estrildid finch species.


Nigel Collar of BirdLife International, Gabriel Jamie and Claire Spottiswoode of Cambridge University and University of Cape Town, wrote the comprehensive foreword to the book, as quoted:

“One of the pleasures of paging through this fantastic volume is to see the full force of this avian diversity on show.”
“Less obvious to most field observers, however, but beautifully showcased in this book, is the astonishing diversity in estrildid nestlings.”
“This magnificent book provides an authoritative summary of the state of our knowledge, on which we hope the author, his many colleagues and contributing new estrildid fans inspired by this book, will continue to build.”

Kristof Zyskowski of Yale University, Peabody Museum of Natural History:

“I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your book project and I am honoured to have my photos included. I think the book will be a fantastic resource with all the photos you managed to gather, especially those of nestling mouth markings. I also love the distribution maps showing subspecies ranges.”

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53 reviews for Estrildid Finches of the World [English Edition]

  1. Hidde Bruinsma

    Heel mooi boek met schitterende foto’s maar de info mocht van mij wat uitgebreider.

  2. Anonymous

    AvesPT recommends this book!

  3. Leonardo Baldini

    Maybe the best book about estrildid in the world.

  4. Daniel

  5. Carlos Sánchez Delicado

    Excellent, but I miss a much more complete information about the different subespecies on quite a few taxa.

  6. Graham Green

    This is a brilliant book in every way! The photos are superb and the text is most informative. I would recommend this book to anyone

  7. Stephen A.

    In my view the book can only be described as brilliant and the service was first class

  8. Aleš Fischer

  9. Peter McGough

    Excellent book, top quality printing and superb photo’s.

  10. Andrew Chaney

    Excellent purchase and very pleased. This is an excellent book

  11. Christopher T.

    Beautiful book

  12. Michael Straubhaar

    I like that book very much. With all the colourful pictures it’s the best collection about that family I’ve ever seen.
    I hardly recommend it to all birdwatchers and -lovers who are interested in that family.
    Great work!

  13. Alan Gibbard

    A beautiful book accompanied by a scholarly text. To be recommended.

  14. Morten Andersen

  15. Anders Nilsson

  16. Franck R.

  17. Colin Rowe

    It’s probably an unfair rating only because it was a long wait from advertising it until receiving it

  18. Pawel P.

    A very interesting study. Lots of photos and an interestingly written book.
    A must have for every bird lover.
    I recommend.

  19. Anonymous

    Excellent communication and prompt delivery. Many thanks

  20. Dawid Szymalski

    Very interesting, I recommend it to everyone.

  21. Milan

  22. Olivier Arnoult

    Very professional, the book were signed by the author, with some nice words. a real reference for this group of bird. i highly recommend it to all estrildid lovers.
    O. Arnoult
    Principality of Monaco

  23. Miguel Angel P.

    Complete and very interesting. Good pictures.

  24. Gary W.

    Excellent book with high quality photographs. Impressive collection of photos showing the inside of chick’s mouths.

  25. Rafael De Rojas Castro

    I have the book. I like a lot. Thank very much

  26. Marco Massa

    Súper interesting…. wonderful and accurate Job … i hope thai os the First of a long séquences ….!!!

  27. Mikael Svensson

  28. Simon Espley

    A spectacular and thorough display of the world’s finches and waxbills. Excellent reference material about these stunning birds.

  29. Josep Sala Vilarasau

    A very good pleasant book. A must for every ornithology fans desk

  30. Tomáš Strachota

    It is very nice book with super pictures and photos. I can learn something new at my hobby. Many thanks for your hard work about this book. I recommend it to all breeders.

  31. Anonymous

    A very comprehensive book with many excellent photographs and detailed descriptions. If you are not already a finch fan then you’ll more than likely become one after reading this book. So many beautiful birds in one book is just (amazing or quite exciting).
    This rather large book could possibly be compacted into a field guide size using a smaller print and slightly decreasing the size of the wonderful photos.

  32. Aidan Kelly

    Excellent quality publication, packed full of stunning photos and up to date information on all the Estrildid finches.

  33. Anonymous

  34. Emanuell Giugovaz

    a wonderful book that all ornithologists should have

  35. thomas jansson

    the book is super 🙂

  36. Min tun Teng

    Very good service.


  38. Svetlana Yakovleva

    I’m so happy to share my emotions about this excellent book! Great reference edition for all the finch lovers. So much of pleasure for everyone who interested in birds.

  39. Miguel Sanfélix Vas

    Very good book, the treatment by the author is excellent. Highly recommended for lovers of exotic birds.

  40. Paolo Sterpetti

  41. Anonymous

    This is a fantastic book to have in my natural history collection; the photos are amazingly beautiful. I highly recommend it to birders everywhere.

  42. Oscar P.

    El libro tiene muy buenas ilustraciones del crecimiento de los pichones y de los componentes de la pareja de reproductores, al igual que en los entornos donde habitan.
    Los datos aportados y especificados mediante código de colores, me ha parecido muy sencillo de seguir e interpretar.
    En conjunto me parece una obra que no debería faltar en la biblioteca de ningún aficionado a la ornitología.
    El trato recibido por el autor ha sido muy bueno.
    Muchas gracias Sr.Jelmer por su gran trabajo.
    Un saludo desde Vigo.

  43. Ahmad Saleh Saifullah

    Best of bests !
    Very fast delivery and the book is so resourceful.Finch enthusiastic people should study this book.
    Whole communication with Mr. Huisman was very cheerful.May God bless him .

  44. Christos Ventouris

    One of the best!!! And the top for estrilds!!!…Really useful and enjoyable…
    B.Chris Vent

  45. Gerry J.

    Breathtaking photography, an absolute must for anyone interested in finches. The author is an extremely nice and helpful person. First class book and a first class buying experience

  46. Justin Jansen

    At first, I do have to congratulate Jelmer Huisman with his book. It took years in the making, and he published it by himself. It contains as the title implies, data on all Estrildid Finches of the World. It is lavish illustrated with photographs of this fantastic birdgroup. In special the beaks of the Estrildids are unique. After a brief introduction of the species group, the author gets into the species texts.
    The information supplied in the species text, is clear, and no less than six languages can be found for each species (as off course the scientific name). The distribution maps are splendid and in combination with the subspecies in the text give a clear view where these taxa can be found. The photographs are of the highest standard you could expect, it must be a monstrous project to get them all together! And the mouth markings of the juveniles are out of this world! Diet, reproduction, and behavior might fill a gap in knowledge for the avicultural sector.

    Some remarks for a second addition would be.
    • The taxonomy follows HBW 2019 but has some author’s additions (p. 14). One source would help to understand taxonomy better, then some exceptions.
    • Also, it would be good to know how (source, for example e-bird) the author establishes the distribution maps in the books (p. 19).
    • The subchapter in the species text ‘general’ varies within all taxa, sometimes the author dives into of the Latin name, sometimes the English name and sometimes discusses the author of the taxon discussed. A vast format in this subchapter would help very much to have a uniform discussion in each of the texts.
    • Within distribution the author already explained on page 19 what abbreviations are used, but when reading the text under ‘Distribution’ we still find the whole names (see pages 26, 28 for example). For the description for ‘identification’ only male, female and juvenile exist, other plumage states are not discussed (for example post-juvenile / immature, 1st-autumn). Also, the general terminology used, doesn’t follow the terminology as discussed in for example Clement et al (Finches & Sparrow, pp 14-15).

  47. João N.

    Its very complete. I Loved it.

  48. Kd Bergen

    Excellent service, amazing book


    A great book, to continue learning, and edited with an amazing quality. Many photographs and maps, to enjoy reading. Without a doubt, a jewel of the World Ornithological Library. Thank you G.J. Huisman

    In Spanish:
    Un grandísimo libro, para seguir aprendiendo, y editado con una asombrosa calidad. Muchas fotografías y mapas, para disfrutar de su lectura. Sin duda, una joya de la Biblioteca Ornitológica Mundial. Gracias G. J. Huisman

  50. Andreea Sandu

    High quality information. Shipped very quickly.

  51. Enrique Fernández Jiménez

  52. Ahmad Fitroh

    Bukunya Mantap, bagus 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 nice

  53. Alessandro G.

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